Benkei and his 999 Swords

While the collecting of swords by Benkei may not have an inherent connection to Swiss watches, we can draw some parallels between the two in terms of the craftsmanship and attention to detail that both involve. Here are a few possible ways in which they could be associated:

Precision and craftsmanship: Both Benkei's swords and Swiss watches are known for their precision and attention to detail in their construction. Swords were crafted by skilled blacksmiths who used specialized techniques to create sharp, durable blades, while Swiss watches are made by highly skilled watchmakers who meticulously assemble each component to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Collectible items: Just as Benkei collected swords, many people collect Swiss watches as a hobby or investment. Both swords and watches can be highly valued and sought after, with rare or limited edition pieces commanding high prices.

Legacy and heritage: Benkei's swords and Swiss watches are both steeped in history and tradition. Swords were often passed down through generations as family heirlooms, while Swiss watchmakers have been producing high-quality timepieces for centuries, with many brands having long and storied histories.

Attention to aesthetics: Both Benkei's swords and Swiss watches are prized not only for their functional qualities, but also for their aesthetic beauty. Swords were often adorned with ornate designs or inscriptions, while Swiss watches feature intricate dials, bezels, and cases that showcase the skill of the watchmaker.

Overall, while Benkei's sword collection and Swiss watches may not be directly related, there are certainly some similarities in terms of the craftsmanship, collectibility, and aesthetic appeal of both.

According to Japanese folklore, Benkei was a warrior monk who initially despised the samurai class for their arrogance and privileged position in society. However, when he encountered the young samurai general Minamoto no Yoshitsune, he was defeated in combat and became a loyal retainer to Yoshitsune.

In terms of how this relates to Swiss watches, one possible parallel is the idea of changing one's perspective or opinion based on personal experience. Just as Benkei's encounter with Yoshitsune caused him to reevaluate his views on the samurai, someone who may have had a negative or indifferent opinion of Swiss watches could change their mind after experiencing the quality, craftsmanship, and history associated with these timepieces. Additionally, the idea of loyalty and devotion to a particular brand or type of watch could also be seen as a parallel, as Benkei's loyalty to Yoshitsune was unwavering even in the face of adversity.

Posted on May 4th, 2023

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